Protecting Your Deposits with the Tenancy Deposit Scheme

When it comes to putting down a deposit to secure a rental property, security over your money is essential. That’s why we’re affiliated with the Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS), allowing us to secure the money in a separate account whilst registering your details.

The Tenancy Deposit Scheme is a Government approved protection scheme for tenancy deposits across the residential letting market. They work to support both tenants and landlords in meeting their legal obligations, and to reassure new tenants that their money is in safe hands.

Their service also extends to adjudicating any disputes which might evolve around deposits and deductions due to damage or cleaning, should these need assistance in being resolved. Advice is also available to tenants who have found trouble with securing the release of their deposit from their landlord.

In performing our inventories and exit inspections, we’re always thorough, meaning we experience very few disputes. Nobody wants to deal with extra charges - landlord, tenant or letting agent!

Hans Nieuwkerk

Residential Manager