Introducing Our New Residential Manager: Welcome Paula!

We’re very excited to welcome our new Residential Manager, Paula Reading, to the team! We thought it was time to get to know Paula a little better, so we put together some ‘quickfire’ questions to ask her. Let’s get started…


Q: Could you tell us a little more about your background?

My most recent position was in recruitment, working specifically on client liaison with local businesses, so my main focus was building relationships - something I’m looking forward to continuing here. Generally, I’ve mainly been in training, recruitment, HR and face-to-face sales, so there’s always been an emphasis for me on getting to know new people, and understanding how they like things to be done. I’m also a part-time landlord myself, so I can empathise with both landlords and tenants in terms of knowing exactly what they’re looking for in a letting agent, and have personal experience in handling such elements as service charges.


Q: What is it that attracted you to the role at Garness Jones?

I’m not from a property background in terms of previous roles, though I was already well aware of Garness Jones, and the reputation their services carry around this region. I was eager to help realise their aspirations for the residential service, knowing that I can assist with helping clients get what they’re looking for. I’d also been attracted by how close-knit the residential team is - one I was right to be excited about being a part of.


Q: What are you hoping to achieve in your new role?

I’d always been a little frustrated that the letting industry can often suffer a below-par reputation, something which is usually unfair. Personally, I’m relishing the challenge of taking this on, and changing perceptions by striving to provide a fantastic personal service to landlords and tenants.

I’m looking for the sense of achievement which will come from matching our landlord’s properties with the perfect tenants, and I’m excited to meet the people I’ll be working with - and making sure we do everything we can to guarantee an outstanding service them. It’ll also be great to talk to people who are considering becoming landlords, and to offer them expertise and advice on their options.

Above all, I want the landlords and tenants of this area to know that we’re friendly, approachable and that they can contact us for anything - and that we’re never going to hesitate in offering to help them.

Great to have you as part of the team, Paula!

Hans Nieuwkerk

Residential Manager