A Day in the Life: Liam

Our team here at Garness Jones are committed to ensuring that we create a one-of-a-kind relationship between us, our landlords and our tenants. Here’s a chance to get to know the Garness Jones team a little better, through our ‘A Day in the Life’ series of blogs!

Hi! My name’s Liam and I’m the Maintenance Team Leader here at Garness Jones. My role in the company is to ensure my team work efficiently in responding to any works and repairs that need undertaking, planned or emergency. A day at work for me will look something like…


When I arrive in the morning there is often a hot cup of tea on my desk to wake me up – one of the benefits of having a close knit team, we all know each other’s drinks orders!


I like to start my day going through all my unread emails and flagging any that need me to take action, so I can then prioritise them. The contexts of the emails I receive vary from people reporting repairs, contractors submitting invoices/quotes, my team running something by me, or our caretakers reporting a variety of issues or booking holidays.

A lot of people describe the role as a bad news job as every other call is someone reporting a repair but that’s the best part about the role; you never know what’s going to happen from one day to the next. I get great satisfaction when my team have resolved someone’s problem.

As well as the reactive maintenance we also deal with a lot of planned maintenance from gutter cleaning, redecoration, carpet replacement, fire alarm servicing, life servicing, gas safety inspections, and legionella inspections to name a few.

I spend probably 25% of my week out of the office checking works, carrying out inspections and meeting clients or contractors. Throughout the week I also attend a few team meetings including the residential meeting, where we discuss properties that are available to let, any works needed or outstanding, and any new clients or new properties.

We also have the maintenance meeting which is mainly for our block managed properties, where we discuss outstanding repairs, issues at any of the sites, planned maintenance and any new business. We also meet monthly to review contractors to ensure they are meeting our requirements and are still competitive.


Before I leave the office I check everything that is urgent is dealt with, and I usually leave about 5:45.