A Day in the Life: Louise

Our team here at Garness Jones are committed to ensuring that we create a one-of-a-kind relationship between us, our landlords and our tenants. Here’s a chance to get to know the Garness Jones team a little better, through our ‘A Day in the Life’ series of blogs!


The morning always begins with a large coffee! After that, I like to ensure the reception area is presentable before switchboard opens at 8.30am.

“Good Morning, Garness Jones.”

Taking calls is just one of the duties that I undertake as a receptionist here at Garness Jones.  Reception is very varied and this is a fast-paced place to work.  

The most enjoyable part of this line of work is the rapport you build with clients and tenants. I get to interact with every person who contacts the company, the first impression I create in each conversation is important and forms part of our overall high standard of service.


First thing in the morning I ensure all emails and voicemails are dealt with and forwarded to the relevant members of staff. After that, it’ll be data entry, handling all of the contractual invoices that have been received the previous evening and then I’ll prepare for the mail delivery.  


After opening and distributing the mail I’ll go through my own mail / emails, before answering any queries solicitors may have on the sales of our service charge properties – we manage a great deal of leasehold properties and it’s important to keep our records up to date. I ensure the transfers of these properties are dealt with according to the lease.

Throughout the day I will take payments from tenants and help with their queries, prepare tenancy agreement packs and deal with many administrative duties. I’ll also register any new property requirements on our database and send property details to any enquirers along with answering a large amount of diverse calls.

Calls we receive can be anything from tenants wanting to pay rent, clients wishing to sell / let their properties, booking valuations on behalf of the banks, or tenants reporting maintenance issues with their properties.

Today, I received a call from a lady who advised that other tenants in her block of apartments were placing non-recyclable goods in the blue bins. I advised that we would write to all the tenants with a leaflet on what goods could be recycled and also place some signs in the bin store area. She was happy with this and said she would call if the problem continues.


Later in the day an annual general meeting was scheduled in our boardroom for one of our directors and the leasehold owners of a block property that we manage. I set up the boardroom in advance and when clients arrived I took hot drink orders.


I leave the office just after 5.30pm when our switchboard closes.