Phew! What a busy few months we’ve had...

Along with taking care of each of our valued tenants and landlords, the residential team have been focusing on our future vision, a foundation that we will be building on in the coming year. We’ve started with a re-design of our To Let boards to have a more of an eye catching feel – I hope you’ve seen them while out and about on your travels!

We have also focused a lot of time on getting to know the owners of leasehold properties we currently manage – Do you know we do “Block management”?

We take care of a number of buildings which are split into smaller dwellings – like Queens Court for instance, we manage the whole building on behalf of the owners of each apartment and of course the BBC premises. It’s so much easier for a landlord to deal with one management company like us when letting a property in a serviced building as all maintenance and any issues are dealt with by one team, meaning we can take the hassle away from the landlord. A number of our leasehold owners are turning to us to manage their apartments, and I for one, enjoy building that trust between us  and each of our clients. I know the team feel the same.

We have many sides to Garness Jones, we are in touch with not only residential lettings and investment landlords but also large development and Investment project leaders in Hull. We are involved in the development of some unused buildings in the city, turning otherwise abandoned buildings into luxury and affordable apartments. Such great news for local housing – this also means upgrades for iconic buildings that previously would have been left derelict. Take “The Criterion” on the Renewed Hessle Road, opposite the new Elliot Chapelle health centre, this beautiful building is being preserved and transformed into luxury apartments, a story that has captured the attention of local press and the imaginations of locals.

As the next few month progress, I hope to speak to more of our valued clients and touch base with landlords that haven’t spoken to us in a while - I do enjoy a good catch up! If you would like a natter – feel free to call me in the office, we don’t just have to talk about your property – ask me about the time I worked as a magician’s assistant…. Tada!