Where to live in Hull?

Hull is a fantastic place to live. If you read our previous blog on why you should invest in Hull here, you will see the many great reasons to move here. From being the 2017 city of culture, the expanding job market, low property prices, rising rental demand and the national and international connections, the only thing left to do is decide which area of Hull you should move to…

So here is our guide on each area of the city:

City Centre

If city centre life is what you’re after, we don’t think there’s much better in the country than Hull. With the vibrant marina, buzzing fruit market scene, historic old town and humber bridge views, all this is a part of Hull’s incredibly low cost city centre living.

Convenience is a big draw for people looking to relocate to the centre of a city. Living here gives you access to all the shops, bars, restaurants, transport hubs, and is perfect for city centre workers. For families with children, there are a number of highly accredited schools like Trinity House, Sirius Academy and Sentamu Academy which are all close by.

East Hull

Choosing which side to live to can be a big deal, and it certainly does to the people of Hull. The pride in origins from each side is emphasised by the city’s rugby teams.

Hull KR represents East Hull, so if this is your team, then you’ll fit right in. The east side offers a pleasant way of life with a strong community feel and is great for families. Here you will find East Park which is the largest in the city and leads on to Holderness Road which offers easy access to the city centre.

West Hull

The west side of Hull you can find the university and stadium, so if you’re a student, this will be a great place for you to start your search. The west is also a great place to enjoy great nightlife, with buzzing streets like Princes Avenue and Newland Avenue as well as clubs such as Welly which are all a walk away from the city centre.

The Suburbs

Hull’s suburbs have an array of beautiful places to find your next home. From spots like Cottingham and Swanland, and if you’re thinking of a little further there is the wonderful Beverley. This is perfect for those looking for a calmer and quieter way of living, with lots of land and countryside all around. A great place for families with a number of top quality schools like Hull Collegiate and Beverley Grammar School.

Now it’s time for you to take a look at what’s on the market and decide where you will go. Find all our properties available here.