Hull - The Most Affordable City To Live In

When looking to relocate, one of the main factors to consider is house pricing. Finding that dream combination of an affordable property in an exciting location can be tricky, but not impossible...

What if we told you that you can live in a vibrant city packed with culture, shops, restaurants, nightlife and parks? Hull has all of this, on top of a growing and innovative professional scene that provides you with an array of great opportunities. This is exactly what’s on offer in the UK’s most affordable city.

Hull offers home seekers plenty of choice for properties all across the city and suburbs. At the start of the year, Hull’s average monthly rental fee was £228 and just a small 12% of wages were spent on rent, making it great for those around the area and who are looking for their first property.

So why choose cities like London where you will spend an average of £836 on rent, when you can move to Hull? Admittedly, London has a lot going on for it, but there are lots of great reasons to live in Hull compared to London (expect a blog on this coming your way soon). The north of England proved to be the most appealing in terms of prices compared to the South anyway, but it’s the city on the Humber that takes the crown.

Whether you’re looking for a 1-bedroom apartment or a larger family home, Garness Jones has a variety of different properties in a range of locations across East Yorkshire. Our specialist and friendly team will make finding your new home a happy experience.

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