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30 March 2020
Asset management – helping landlords get maximum value from residential portfolios

Asset management is a consultancy service designed to help professional landlords develop a clear strategy and long-term framework to extract maximum value from their residential portfolio.

Whereas property management focuses on the day-to-day maintenance and admin tasks, asset management aims to increase the monetary worth of your overall investment.

At Garness Jones Residential, our experts tailor this service to your exact needs – combining their local knowledge of the Hull and East Riding property market with in-depth research to deliver evidence-based advice.

How does asset management work?

Active asset management helps busy professional landlords optimise the value of their residential property portfolio.

After deciding whether you’d like to enjoy an increased rental return or greater market value, we’ll conduct detailed property appraisals to identify poor or under-performing assets.

We’ll then examine whether they could benefit from a more profitable business model and devise a plan (with a realistic timeframe) to help achieve your aims.

In most cases, the main factors we consider include:

·        Current market values

·        Property ownership model

·        Tenancy value

·        Will long-term return worth justify the capital expenditure?

·        Can things can be changed to increase value?

·        Could costs be reduced?

This strategic approach, and our proven track record for providing accurate advice, is the reason more landlords throughout the East Yorkshire region are turning to our team for support.

Which landlords might need it – and why?

Whether you own two properties or two hundred, every investor wants to make the most of their residential portfolio.

By being proactive and putting cost-effective strategies in place, you could maximise the value of a property interest (market price and/or letting value).

Often referred to as property portfolio asset management or investment asset management; this strategy is widely used in the commercial property sector because of the higher returns and greater opportunities on offer.

However, we believe residential landlords can also benefit from this specialist advice - particularly if they hold a large portfolio or have an interest in multi-let schemes.

How can our assent management Hull team help?

At Garness Jones Residential, our asset management team can help you achieve your aims.

We can help to deliver the most profitable outcomes for a landlord, whilst helping to maintain a healthy tenant relationship.

In our experience, some lettings agents do not do enough help residential landlords maximise their portfolio value in a cost-efficient way.

We go a step further and make this our main goal.

By working closely alongside experienced property managers, our asset management Hull team are able to issue investment advice you can trust.

Our specialists can provide strategic guidance on:

·        Buying residential property

·        Selling residential property

·        Managing residential property

·        Assembling a portfolio

·        Any associated individual assets

If you’d like one of our experts to assist with your property strategy, please get in touch or call 01482 564564 for an informal discussion about your portfolio.

By Matt Johnson, Residential Lettings Manager

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