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24 October 2018
What to do if your home isn’t Letting

It can be frustrating if you’re wanting to let a property but it seems to be stagnant on the property market. Most letting agents recommend that if your property has been on the market for over 2 months, there are a few things you can do to increase the chances of letting it before taking any drastic action.

Consider the audience for the property

Potential applicants create very quick assumptions on a property, especially regarding if they like it or not. Therefore, it is important to take into account the applicant’s perspective and ensure that your property is how they would like to view it. This may mean having to tidy up around the house and having a deep clean, as well as cutting the lawn, making the place look as presentable as possible. If your home is bright, clean and modern it is more likely to let than a property in poor condition. Although your house isn't a show home when it comes to letting, try and make it look like one as much as possible, minimise noise and maximise space so the potential applicants can picture themselves living there, and consider restyling if your property is outdated. Taking into consideration if the property is furnished or unfurnished will also affect the renting price as well as if the people wanting to move in have their own furniture, it is important not to be stubborn and get too attached to the property and take the interests of the person wanting to let over your own.

Your letting agent

It is important to make sure your letting agent is as enthusiastic and passionate to let your property as you are. Finding a letting agent with the desire to let your home can have a massive impact on the number of viewings your property receives. If you feel they could be doing more to push your property, ask them what else they could do to let your home and try new ideas. Asking them for viewing feedback is a great way to come up with ideas for adapting your home to try and improve its chances of it letting. Asking about potential parking permits and if the length of time rented needs to change could also give your property a better chance to let as 6 month contacts are often less attractive than longer contracts. Your letting agent can also help to keep the pricing of the property you are wanting to let competitive within its location to ensure you get more viewings, as a small reduction in rent is better than receiving none at all.

Cosmetic issues

We’re not suggesting you give your house a full facelift, but a lick of paint here and there can make a huge impact on the appearance of your home to potential applicants and gives the property a fresh lease of life. Your letting agent will be able to advise you on what minor home improvements can be made to avoid wasting your time and money on unnecessary repairs or adjustments.  


How your property looks online can have a huge impact on a potential applicant’s decision to view it. If your property looks dull and uninspiring, it can come across as off-putting; so make sure the photos on the website do your property justice.

Consider the lighting in the rooms and the time of day photos are scheduled to be taken. On an overcast or rainy day, the photos are likely to make the house seem darker than what it is in reality. Taking photos on a clear or sunny can avoid this.

Having a great selection of photos including different bedrooms, living spaces, the front of house, and the garden can draw the attention of the potential applicant and encourage them to get in touch and arrange a viewing. However, try not to over clutter the images on the site, you want to give a snapshot of the house not a full inch by inch album.

Following these tips before taking a hit on reducing rent, should enhance your chances of letting your property significantly! For more information on how we can help you let your property, take a look at what services we can offer here:

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