Professional Landlord

Our proactive approach will help you get the best value and return from your property.

Your property, portfolio and tenants are safe in our hands, with our experienced, assured and connected property management. Whether you own 50 or 500 properties, our expert team has the experience to take on portfolios of all shapes and sizes.

This isn’t out-of-the-box property management. We’re better than that.

Perhaps this is your first time working with a letting agent, or maybe you’ve accumulated a long list of times you’ve been let down by one - either way, the Garness Jones experience will be completely different. We’ll get to know you personally, to ensure that our service is tailored to suit your preferences, whether you still want to make day-to-day decisions or you’d rather opt for the hassle-free, fully managed approach from us.

Happy Landlords & Happy Tenants.

Our 24/7 emergency phone line is available to both landlord and tenant, so we’re only ever a phone call away if there’s something you need, or if you want to ask us something about one of the services we’re providing for you. Our priority is delivering the best possible value for both you and your tenants, which is why our established list of contractors act swiftly and effectively in dealing with any maintenance, repairs or emergencies.

What’s that we can see? Your next investment opportunity.

We’ll manage your properties, of course, but what sets us apart? We’re not here just to take away the hassle of managing your current portfolio - we’ll work with you on assessing your strategy and asset management, sourcing and investigating new investments which we know will be right for you, constantly driving to reach your highest ambitions and aims.


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