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24 September 2019
7 tell-tale signs it’s time to ditch your letting agent

Superb service and excellent value for money.

That’s what most letting agents promise to deliver when they’re trying to win over a new prospective landlord – and is what we pledge to our clients with properties across Hull and East Yorkshire.

Unfortunately, the reality is there’s often a great deal of variation between what some agents say and what they actually do.

If you’re experiencing a disparity between the price you pay and the service you receive, maybe it’s time to change letting agent.

Before making up your mind, here are few simple things to look out for…

Lack of professional accreditation

Reputable letting agents are usually accredited with one of the main industry schemes - designed to achieve and maintain the highest standards of conduct.

At Garness Jones Residential, we are proud to be affiliated with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, ARLA Propertymark and The Property Ombudsman.

If your agent isn’t accredited with at least one scheme, alarm bells should be ringing.

Unclear terms and conditions

If your agent’s NOT clear about their terms and conditions, it can be hugely frustrating – especially if it leads to unexpected charges.

Make sure you ask for all terms and conditions when instructing a new agency.

Poor communication

In our experience, poor communication (or a complete lack of it) is the most common complaint from landlords looking to change letting agent.

At Garness Jones Residential, we use software which can be accessed by everyone in our team – so you can obtain ALL the information you need whenever you need it.

One point of contact, queries dealt with in a timely manner – and no frustration.

Staffing issues

Experienced staff can make or break the relationship between tenant and agent. Keeping things friendly but professional is usually the best way to overcome any issues before they become a big deal.

If you’re a landlord who never deals with the same team member or people leave on a regular basis, achieving this consistently may be a problem.

From independent research carried out with customers of Garness Jones Residential in 2018, 94% of residential lettings property owners said they were happy with their relationship with their lettings coordinator.

Missed rental payments 

A good letting agent should be committed to paying your monthly rent within 3 to 5 working days of its receipt.

They should also provide you with clear and accurate account statements so you’re accounting admin doesn’t spiral out of control.

Hidden charges

The last thing a landlord wants is to be surprised by hidden charges. If your letting agent does not or cannot explain ALL the fees you could incur, they’re probably looking out for their own interests - not yours.

At Garness Jones Residential, we’re always 100% clear about our costs – see all our landlord fees now!

Admin errors

Does your agent keep forgetting important deadlines? Or do things always feel as though they’re being rushed at the last minute?

Unfortunately, some agents don’t understand how important accurate administration is – for both landlords and tenants.

Our approach at Garness Jones Residential is to always be honest with both and work in their best interests – even if it means more effort or less profit for us.

Regain control of your property portfolio

If your landlord-agent relationship has broken down, it might be time to take action and regain control of your property portfolio.

Even if a tenant is occupying your property, you can still change agent mid-tenancy – quickly and without any major hassle.

Surprisingly, tenants are often pleased to see a management change – and might actually stay for longer than they would have under the previous agent.

Should you need any help or advice about changing letting agent, please get in touch or call 01482 564564 for more information.

By Matt Johnson, Residential Lettings Manager

PICTURE: Photo by Sabine Peters on Unsplash

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